TEC Eurolab is a private corporation that was founded in 1990. It was created with the goal to provide lab testing on materia ls used in manufacturing; it has evolved over time, following the technological evolution of materials, processes and relative industria l a pplications. Today TEC Eurolab is a
center of technical expertise and laboratory testing where, based on solid experience, demands relative to materials and proc ess es are faced in collaboration with
clients, thus creating and sharing knowledge to improve and increase the reliability of a product. We are experts on materials a nd processes, and the testing of them in order to check and validate their chemical, mechanical and structural properties in function to their use.

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Address: Viale Europa, 40 | 41011 Campogalliano (Italy)
Phone: +39 327 149 6235

Website: www.tec-eurolab.com/en/

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