University of Zagreb

University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb (UNIZG) is the largest University in Croatia. It is the flagship educational institution in the country with 31 faculties, 3 art academies and various university centres and departments with over 7.000 research and teaching staff and 62.000 students enrolled. The University excels not only in teaching, but also in research, contributing to 60 percent of scientific output in Croatian universities. In addition to teaching and research, UNIZG is strongly committed to innovation activities with the aim of acting as a generator of technological, economic and social development.

The University of Zagreb as the EIT Manufacturing Hub for Croatia, through its unit for supporting innovation – Center for Research, Development and Technology Transfer, aims to connect innovators and entrepreneurs from Croatia with the wider EIT Manufacturing community and help them to use the possibilities that the community offers.

“Being EIT Manufacturing’s Croatian hub, we have seen the benefits of engaging in all the activities and broadening our network. In addition, we have been able to organise local initiatives such as the EIT Manufacturing Innovation Challenge to enhance the  innovation capacity of our local manufacturing companies while stimulating collaboration with innovative startups and research teams.”

Vlatka Petrović, Head of the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Zagreb

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