Enhance Flexy Programme

People testing and building electronics devicePeople testing and building electronic device

EITM Labelled Enhance Flexy

Personalized learning trajectories with final certification to equip learners with entrepreneurial & sustainability skills, together with competences on advanced technology applications.

These programmes are focused on companies which enrol their employees/professionals in the learning activities. The initial assessment of the competences of the participants will allow the co-design with the learners and with the companies of the targeted final competences of the participants and personalized learning trajectories for them.  Flexy Enhance will support the learners in developing strong competences to incorporate Innovation, Creativity, Sustainability and Ethical concerns in manufacturing plans and decisions.

Academic mentoring and business/industrial coaching will help to continuously monitor and support the progress of the learners along the personalized trajectories. A final assessment of the competences achieved by the learners will be carried out and the final certifications will be EIT Manufacturing labelled.