Webinar: Challenges of Supply Chain in Manufacturing

Challenges of Supply Chain in Manufacturing

Course description

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, navigating the intricate web of supply chain challenges is essential for sustainable growth and success. This comprehensive course taught by one of our partner universities, Czech Technical University delves into the multifaceted aspects of supply chain management within the manufacturing sector, focusing on key challenges and innovative solutions.

  1. Ecodesign in Broader Context: Modern manufacturers must prioritize ecodesign to minimize environmental impact and comply with regulations. This module integrates sustainability principles into product development, focusing on eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and optimizing product life cycles for environmental and economic benefits.
  2. ESG Reporting (Also as a New Start-up Opportunity): ESG reporting is essential for corporate transparency. This module explores its significance in evaluating sustainability performance in manufacturing supply chains. Additionally, it highlights startup opportunities in the ESG sector, providing learners with skills to capitalize on emerging trends through case studies and innovative reporting approaches.
  3. Resilience of Supply Chain – Lessons from Practice: Supply chain resilience is critical amid global disruptions. This module analyzes strategies used by manufacturing organizations to enhance resilience, drawing on real-world experiences. Participants learn inventory optimization, sourcing diversification, and other tactics to mitigate risks and ensure operational continuity.

Day 1 – 20 June 2024

Supply Chain, Circular Economy and Smart Manufacturing: Life cycle assessment of metal products produced by additive manufacturing

Ecodesign (Energy consumption versus efficiency in broader contexts down to supplier level): Green steel and sustainability reporting.

Day 2 – 21 June 2024

The role of ESG in the supply chain: 

Where the carbon footprint is created? Focus on both process and product. Purchasing, ecology and protection – production and logistics. GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol tracking progress toward climate goals.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting, carbon tax and legislative barriers, including carbon footprint in transportation.

Reduction of consumption, energy from renewable sources.

Resilience of Suply Chain: Examples and lessons from practice

Issue of De-industrialization of Europe

Learning outcomes

  • Value the ecodesign towards climate goals and strengthen responsibility
  • Relate ESG rating systems with company stability in the supply chain and credibility with partners and employees
  • Collect examples of resilient supply chains that prevent various risks and crisis

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Our Partner Universities:

  • Czech Technical University (Czech Republic)
  • University of Trento (Italy), Mondragon University (Spain)
  • SUPSI (Switzerland), TU Wien (Austria), FEUP (Portugal)
  • University of Tartu (Estonia), Ecole Centrale Nantes (France)
  • Aalto University (Finland), University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • Slovak Technical University (Slovakia), Grenoble INP (France)

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