Skill-driven learning

This programme focuses on creation of personalised learning paths to provide students, employees, executives and life-long learners the exact skills that they need.

The programme starts with an analysis of the learners’ needs and a review of the existing education and training offers. One of the objectives is to overcome barriers that prevent learners of the specific target groups from achieving effective skilling, up-skilling or re-skilling through existing EIT Manufacturing education and training offers.

Personalised learning trajectories will consist of training through:

  • digital nuggets/learning paths in Skills.move;
  • Teaching and Learning Factory Network sessions, simulation, VR/AR, gamification, lectures, workshops;
  • cross-boundary, cross-organisational challenges and teamwork;
  • academic mentoring;
  • business/industrial coaching.

The progress of the learners along the personalised trajectories will be monitored continuously, and the competencies finally achieved by the learners will be assessed and certified with micro-credentials.

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