Transforming organisations

Consulting and training trajectories for SMEs to upskill members of their workforce for transformation are created and delivered with the support of networking partners who are trusted by SMEs, such as industrial associations and partners from a cluster or other network.

Activities are focused on SMEs committed to undertaking the learning trajectory and exposing at least two people per working area/competence area/hierarchy to training. Projects will start with a joint assessment of the skill gaps and learning needs of the involved SMEs for defining a roadmap, together with the SMEs and facilitated by the network partners. Tailored learning paths will be designed for all the relevant roles (e.g., designers, maintenance technicians, operators, managers, etc.), and a monitoring plan will be defined with the companies to review the progress and achievements of the learning. Finally, the competencies achieved by the learners will be assessed and certified by EIT Manufacturing.


All Education activities

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All Education activities