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EIT Manufacturing Innovation projects seek to bring new technologies to the market and develop new value chains. The projects maximise impact through rapid identification and early stimulation of innovation hotspots, which are defined as situations where enabling technologies can solve complex manufacturing problems, add substantial value and significantly contribute to industry transformation.

Learn more about some of the innovations EIT Manufacturing has supported and meet some of the people behind the projects below.

Adaxis (formerly SoftDREAM)

Meet Emil Johansson, CEO, Adaxis (project SoftDream):

Adaxis (formerly SoftDREAM)  is developing software with the aim of making robotic additive manufacturing easy and accessible.

The software integrates tools for simulation, tool path planning, real-time monitoring and traceability. So far, the software has been used to print demonstrators in automotive (polymer) and aerospace (metal). The results from the project will lead to improved agility and responsiveness by reducing lead times in production, prototyping and tool manufacturing, particularly in the European automotive, aerospace, construction and manufacturing industries.

Emil JohanssonEmil Johansson

Emil Johansson, CEO Adaxis

Emil Johansson is part of a group of researchers who met at EIT Manufacturing’s first MatchMaking event in 2019. The group began an international research project on how to turn industrial robots into 3D printers, and in 2021 they founded their startup, Adaxis.

I didn’t know the other people in the SoftDREAM team before the MatchMaking event – we met in San Sebastian. In all, we are three research partners in the project, including people from RISE in Sweden, Braunschweig University of Technology in Germany and ESTIA Institute of Technology, a French engineering and research school. The companies involved are Volkswagen, as well as a Swedish SME called Spectrum Technologies.”

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Watch a video with Emil here


Responding to the  COVID-19 crisis, InnoVentilator is a solution that aims to optimise health systems, and specifically ventilators. The proposed solution is purely pneumatic, i.e. air-powered, simple and safe to operate, and simple to manufacture. It also has the potential to be licensed Europe-wide to manufacturers.

Watch a video about the project here

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