Who We Are

The manufacturing industry is a global base for prosperity and key to Europe’s economic, social and environmental sustainability. The sector is a main driver of industrial innovation, job creation and growth.

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through sustainable manufacturing.


EIT Manufacturing brings together a growing network of top-tier industrial partners, leading academic and research institutions from across the region and innovative startups, scaleups and SMEs.

A key way of transforming knowledge into value is by overcoming the fragmented nature of many innovation networks. In order to ensure that innovations reach the market, industry has the right talent and entrepreneurs can thrive; EIT Manufacturing connects and integrates the areas of education, innovation and business creation.

Ultimately,  EIT Manufacturing strives to accelerate faster innovation with the potential to improve everyday life globally, help meet Europe’s ambitious climate goals, and ensure that its workforce is ready for tomorrow’s challenges.


EIT Manufacturing – A unique Approach

  • Public-private partnership 
  • A holistic, tested method 
  • Focused on solutions to high-value manufacturing challenges 
  • 83 full members; 50+ activity partners: leading companies, universities and research organisations 
  • €400 million budget until 2026 

EIT Manufacturing is Europe’s leading manufacturing community

It is one of the nine innovation communities belonging to EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The communities are public-private partnerships, partly financed by the European Union and partly financed by their partners, who include some of Europe’s leading enterprises and research organisations. 

Let´s connect

Contact our headquarters or our co-location centres

EIT Manufacturing is headquartered in Paris-Saclay and has six Co-Location Centres (CLCs) across Europe.

EIT Manufacturing’s Co-Location Centres (CLCs) are strategically situated to link regions that have high levels of manufacturing activity and advanced technology.