Unlocking the hidden value of European research infrastructures

Why should you apply?

Are you hosting and managing research infrastructure that has commercial potential but remains underutilized or unused? Are you wondering how to capitalize on these assets by leveraging them for commercially oriented science-industry collaborations? If yes, then our InfraBooster Foundation training workshop is for you! 

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What is InfraBooster Foundation?

InfraBoosteris a training program developed by University of Warsaw and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), in the framework of Horizon Europe, targeted at scientific organisations from Western Balkans and neighbouring countries that own research infrastructures. It offers capacity building and support in designing infrastructure-based services that could be offered for companies. You will be able to leverage the existing assets: commercially relevant research infrastructures, skills and knowledge of research teams. InfraBooster will bring you closer to the industry, increasing the collaboration, international exposure and innovativeness of your institution, and help you establish a new source of revenues. 

InfraBooster Foundationis the initial level of InfraBooster educational modules, serving as the foundation for more advanced training. It ensures that participants adopt standard vocabulary and gain understanding of the innovative contexts, in which research infrastructures could be leveraged for science-industry collaboration. It also helps participants identify the most viable research infrastructures, enabling beneficiary organisations to encourage multiple research teams to apply once the basic understanding has been gained. InfraBooster Foundation course is delivered by the team from Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. All InfraBooster Foundation alumni will be officially certified at the end of the program. 

InfraBooster Foundation as the initial level of the training program will be followed by modules dedicated for: scientists, marketing, business development, technology transfer experts and infrastructure managers. 

Who are we looking for?

InfraBooster Foundation focuses on supporting professionals who work in scientific organizations (universities and research institutes) that own research infrastructures. These experts include research infrastructure managers, scientists, technicians, and administrators; technology transfer center staff, such as project managers, technology brokers, IP experts, and industrial relations officers; and research center and support office employees, such as project managers, grant/funding experts, international cooperation specialists, and master contacts.  

The training is open to participants from Western Balkans and countries covered by the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS). 

How will InfraBooster Foundation be delivered?

InfraBooster Foundation as the initial level of the training program consists of two online sessions, involving presentations, discussions, case studies, and individual and team assignments. The knowledge and competencies will be verified based on the team assignment (using a case study of a fictional university that needs to identify commercially attractive research infrastructures and make key decisions related to the infrastructure management) and final individual assignment (selecting research infrastructure at own institution that is identifiable, relevant and competitive, and could form the basis for continuous work in subsequent modules of InfraBooster).  

The InfraBooster Foundation workshop will be run by educators and experts from the University of Warsaw. 

When and where will InfraBooster Foundation be held?

6 June 2023: Application for June Edition deadline.

12 & 13 June 2023: InfraBooster Foundation programme – Online training to accommodate more participants and allow individuals from different countries

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