Professional Assistance to Partners Onboarding Service

We are pleased to inform you that EIT Urban Mobility has opened a RfP for hiring professional assistance to support the Onboarding Services Team. The services consist of providing a full eligibility check to all entities receiving an EIT subgrant. It collects and verifies the truthfulness and consistency of requested documents and performs financial capacity assessments, if requested by the EIT Community (KIC).

The deadline for submissions is on 31st October 2023 16:00hs (CET). We encourage all interested parties to refer to the EIT Urban Mobility website for the complete RfP and all relevant information ( Should you have any questions or require further details, please contact EIT Urban Mobility directly.

EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility are independent consortium partners known as ‘’Knowledge and Innovation Communities’’ (KICs) within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) dedicated to fostering innovation and economic growth in the EU. EIT Manufacturing shares the mentioned RfP purely as a means of promoting awareness and accessibility within the EIT community and, will have no involvement, influence, or support in the procurement process or any aspect of the mentioned Bid. Thus, EIT Manufacturing assumes no liability or responsibility for the outcomes, procedures, or results arising from the EIT Urban Mobility RfP