A Flexible Hybrid Manufacturing system

A Flexible Hybrid Manufacturing system- [FLEXHYMAN]

The FlexHyMan project envisions to upgrade the current industrial level of Additive Manufacturing by developing a flexible and modular manufacturing cell, which will be able to complete both additive and subtractive processes, while incorporating on-line process monitoring and control systems. The hybrid manufacturing cell will be based on the COMAU Polar Machining Robot, upon which all of the developed technologies will be integrated. It goes beyond the state of the art as it offers a hybrid manufacturing solution, which incorporates advanced process monitoring and control capabilities, while combining the flexibility of a robotic arm and the necessary precision for processing high added value materials (Ti alloys, Ni-based alloys) and parts. COMAU will commercialize it and will utilize their industrial know-how, to tailor the developments and adapt them their end users needs. Other markets such as aerospace and energy manufacturing will contribute to scaling up the solution.


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