AI for Manufacturing SMEs and Students (AIMS2)

Industry 4.0 is focused on information systems that bring together data from a large variety of sources.

This data is subjected to analytics to become the high fidelity information that enables systems to become more intelligent and autonomous. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a central role in these digital processes. This project provides AI-focused education to accelerate the digital transformation among professionals, students and teachers. Along with teaching new generations of students, it is crucial to provide professional education for technical workers and teachers, because most of the current workforce has not received formal education in these digital technologies. This project will deliver state-of-the-art AI education, using practical industry-relevant use cases to train professionals and students in four countries and working in co-operation with private companies.

Lead Partner:

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  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • FEUP
  • Grenoble INP
  • Philips
  • University of Groningen

Project lead: