AI for wEaviNG kpIs moNitoring and prEdiction

About the project

AI4ENGINE (AI for wEaviNG kpIs moNitoring and prEdiction, ID: 23273) aims to foster innovation in the textile manufacturing context. 

Purpose of the project

Take advantage of the enormous amount of data, currently poorly exploited, to enable KPIs monitoring, process optimization and maintenance scheduling. 

Societal impact

The application of innovative technologies, in this case, AI and Digital Twin, promotes the establishment of sustainable and resilient manufacturing. 

Main results & insights

Data analysis supports planning and optimization by extracting information that is provided to the user via a digital twin of the shop floor plant 

Quote from the Activity Leader

AI4ENGINE represents a further step in our digitalization journey that aims to make key processes, both for production and logistics, more efficient. 

Jessica Mazzola, Program Manager, Itemalab Srl




Itemalab Srl

Italy, COLZATE, Core partner


Czech Technical University in Prague

Core partner

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Consorzio Intellimech

Italy, BERGAMO, Associate Partner