air Purification Unit for manufactuRing Environment (PURE)

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The PURE project aims to industrialize an air purification system able to naturally attract and destroy any kind of contaminant on manufacturing environments using a patented bio-mass technology.

The system is composed of two products:

(1) Air Purifier, which creates a bubble of clean and pure air in its surroundings.

(2) Air Monitor, which uses a sensor and AI to detect the presence of contaminants as well as to understand their behaviour and keep a history of contamination events.

The technology for air purification combines the basic scientific principles of convection, molecular charge attraction and natural oxidation to destroy pollution without venting. The monitoring device is able to detect the presence of contaminants and measure environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity. Each device collects and sends data to the processing centre through multiple interfaces, and the parameters are integrated into a control dashboard for comprehensive and predictive modelling.


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  • CEA
  • Fagor Arrasate
  • U-Earth – Italy




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