Cross Sectoral Digital Circular Economy Training and Business Development

About the project

CircularDev provides learners with a stimulating learning-by-doing experience on circular economy business creation using digital tools in various manufacturing sectors. 

Purpose of the project

CircularDev aims to provide required knowledge to allow learners to create, develop, transform and implement circular systems and business models in manufacturing. 

Societal impact

Aligned with the Circular Economy action plan, CircularDev trains new talents to innovate, create new businesses and jobs by transforming linear society into a circular one.  

Main results & insights

CircularDev learners acquire demonstrated ability to turn actual jobs into green contributor ones and amplify them by creating circular industrial activity and enterprises. 

Quote from the Activity Leader

Why incorporate Circular Design and Circular economy into training? 
At both a European and National level, policy makers are increasingly looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model. 
It requires us to redesign products, business models, and the linear systems that have lasted for the past centuries. The CircularDev activity covers the role of design in creating a circular economy, uses a circular design process for incorporating the principles of the circular economy into business model designs. 
CircularDev targets learners who want to develop skills in circular economy and circular business models and are willing to have the capabilities and create the opportunities to become change makers for more sustainable circular manufacturing responsibility in their field. 

Pezhman Ghadimi, Assistant Professor of Manufacturing Systems, University College Dublin




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