Cobotic Induction System for automated garments sorting

About the project

Bring to market a collaborative robotic system that sorts a mixture and randomly arranged garment packages.

Purpose of the project

Develop a collaborative robotic induction solution powered by machine learning models able to identify garments and grasp them for subsequent partition.

Societal impact

Push the garment market toward a sustainable economy by means of circular and green actions enabled by a novel human inclusive system for effective management of new, returned or used clothing.

Main results & insights

Development of (i) machine learning models able to recognize the location of randomly arranged garments in baskets or trolley and (ii) a grasping equipment that gently grabs the garments

Quote from the Activity Leader

CoboSort – the resilent cobotic sorting solution of bulk clothing for
logistic of new circular economy in the fashion market.

Fabio Pini PhD, researcher on integrated design methodologies for the development of industrial/collaborative robotic solutions; University of Modena and Reggio Emilia