Collaborating and coupled AGV swarms with extended environment recognition

Collaborating and coupled AGV swarms with extended environment recognition- [COCOAS]

The aim of this activity is to bring a new AGV based internal transport system, with the potential to substitute fork-lifters, into rough industrial applications. The AGV is based on automotive manufacturing know how of Magna and was developed together with charismaTec (SME). It goes beyond current state of the art because the AGVs provide an unusual high max. load of 500 kg and a unique brownfield usability, which is realized by a special suspension system. Single use cases and the additional implementation of swarm intelligence features within this project should prepare the Market Entry. It will be commercialized by a start up out of charismaTec, a joint undertaking with Magna as promoting partner. The role of Magna in this innovation project is to act as a “first customer” to help adapt the AGV- applications first to the Automotive Sector. Other markets, in principal all kind of industries with similar requirements, will contribute to scaling up the solution after the project.


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