Hybrid training course for promoting competence development in manufacturing in South-East Europe

About the project

CompetenSEE is to enhance professional education in South-East Europe by introducing problem-based learning in hybrid settings. 

Purpose of the project

The activity will provide a hybrid training course for professional training tailored to local industry demands towards Industry 4.0 readiness. 

Societal impact

Closing skill mismatches, sustainable use of training resources, tailored upskilling for local industry, improving competitiveness 

Main results & insights

A problem-based training program in hybrid format. Three main paths for tackling problems in assembly workstations, encompassing enhanced quality control, human-robot collaboration, and lean manufacturing 4.0.

Quote from the Activity Leader

Establishing networks of learning factories to facilitate cooperation in development and delivery of trainings is key to grant broad accessibility, especially in South-East Europe.

Steffen Nixdorf, TU Wien




TU Wien

Austria, Vienna, Core partner

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Chalmers University of Technology

Core partner

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University of Tartu

Core partner, Hubs (RIS)

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Centre for researching development and continues education (CIRKO)

North macedonia, Skopje, Associate Partner


University of Zagreb

Croatia, ZAGREB, Associate Partner