The purpose of this activity is to drive synergy between EIF and KICs, by preparing the launch of an investment instrument that will tackle European ventures market inefficiencies in link with climate transition.

We will set an ambitious financial instrument to bring together key players (Corporates, Private Venture Capital firms, and public entities), addressing issues such as green cities, sustainable mobility, decarbonization, biomanufacturing, aggrotech, circular economy, energetic efficiency. We leverage Access to finance to make environmental and societal impacts.In overall, the KICs with EIT and EIF are:- promoting institutional dialogue, knowledge sharing, and cross-institutional learning in the fields of finance and innovation for SMEs and infrastructure, and business services. – exploring avenues of cooperation that may contribute to the financial sustainability of the KICs- contributing to the European Commission strategy (investEU, European Green Deal, and Horizon Europe, …)