Demand-driven education to increase adoption of AM (AMagine)

3D printing3D printing

AMagine uses a demand-based education approach to provide professionals in the manufacturing sector upskilling opportunities in product design and value chain aspects of additive manufacturing (AM).

Knowledge gaps are determined based on previous experience and industry contacts and verified or adjusted by expert interviews. The identified knowledge gaps are then analysed to develop a workshop concept, with teaching material based on the existing knowledge of the three partners of AMagine. Project partners then hold the workshops and prepare to replicate them. The project will also use the acquired knowledge and teaching material to contribute to the Double Degree Programmes of EIT Manufacturing.

The project is conducted by Aalto University (lead partner), TU Wien and DeskArtes Oy. After the project is launched, the workshops will be monetised and copied to other countries in all five regions.


Leading Partner:

A! Alto university logoA! Alto university logo

Aalto University

Project consortium:

  • Aalto University
  • DeskArtes Oy
  • TU Wien

Project Leader: