Do IT Together over Europe

About the project

The project aims to educate about ‘Do It Together’ concepts and technologies that enable greener and more sustainable design and production of consumer goods. 

Purpose of the project

The DIT process eases the creation of custom design and production data at global scale while it accelerates the digital chain up to local manufacturing close to the consumer. 

Societal impact

Contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing, especially in the furniture sector, with greener, more personalized products. 

Main results & insights

10 Learning Paths and more than 50 nuggets are developed. Trainings in 4 countries will cover DIT process, XR, Business Models and Circular Economy / Lifecycle Assessment. 

Quote from the Activity Leader

We are sharing the results of three years of R&D so that professionals can use them to transform their activities in the furniture industry. 

Benjamin Poussard, R&D Engineer, AMVALOR