Engaging pupils to test manufacturing (Embryo)

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The EMBRYO project aims to develop outstanding lecturing methods and hardware for engaging 14-15-year-old pupils in manufacturing-related studies.

In line with the European Educational agenda, the project aims to drastically increase the number of pupils interested in manufacturing.

The second year of the EMBRYO project will be devoted to broader deployment of the learning methodology created in the first year, to reach more schools, and the development of hardware with a more modular concept. The deployment of the created methodology and developments will be conducted in 12 classrooms (six in Spain and six in Germany). The forming press and hardware developed by the project will be programmable using an Arduino board, and will be used to solve a sheet-bending challenge. The results will be presented by students at the first online manufacturing pupils international forum.

Embryo 2021 project description


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  • Arduino
  • MONDRAGON Corporation S. Coop.
  • Mondragon University
  • TU Darmstadt