European Digital Innovation Hub ShiftLabs

ShiftLabs is a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH), funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Commission and the Swedish regions of Västra Götaland, Östra Mellansverige, and Stockholm. The purpose of the Swedish Network for Sustainable Digitalisation and Human-Centric Factory Transformation is to strengthen, generate and promote services targeted at manufacturing SMEs that support their digital transformation and strive towards sustainable development.

The Swedish EDIH is a network of highly competent nodes with extensive experience in providing services to support the Swedish manufacturing industries. While the hub was officially established in 2022, the partners * have all been active in production system research, development, and skills development prior to this. ShiftLabs is capable and has experience in both technical expertise as well as methodologies that support smooth SME digitalisation. The structure of the hub is based on a national cluster of partners that provide services through regional nodes, where each node is a one-stop shop for the local manufacturing SMEs, backed up by a strong consortium with expert services and universities.  

ShiftLabs provides services related to complete digital transformation, ranging from the first attempt at implementing digital tools to the adoption of artificial intelligence, connected production, digitalisation of supply chains, Industry 4.0, and cyber security. This includes support in investigating the company’s Digital Maturity Level to implement digital solutions. Further, EIT Manufacturing CLC North connects the Swedish ShiftLabs members to other EDIH networks in Europe for increased cooperation and exchange of experiences. ShiftLabs collaborates with the IUC network, EENALMI and local science parks to allow an increase in the number of SMEs gaining access to investments. 

ShiftLabs is funded by the European Union’s Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement No. 101083691.


The hub’s purpose is to provide four types of services to support manufacturing industries adopting digital technologies: 

  • Test before Invest: Allowing companies to test products (test before invest) and technologies before extensive investments. 
  • Funding & Investment support: Assisting companies in accessing crucial funding for investments in digital tools and technologies. 
  • Skills & Training: Developing and attracting key competencies needed for manufacturing goods using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques. 
  • Innovation Ecosystem & Networking: Planning events and facilitating matchmaking between manufacturers, technology suppliers and system integrators. 

Partner organisations

* EIT Manufacturing, ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena, Skövde University, SII Lab, Chalmers University, MITC, Mälardalen University, Södertälje Science Park, KTH, and RISE. 

Supported by: Vinnova, Tillväxtverket, European Commission, Region Västmanland, Region Sörmland 

About the EDIH network

The EDIH network is a way for the European Commission to build a vibrant community of hubs and other stakeholders fostering networking, cooperation, and knowledge transfer activities between EDIH, SME and mid-caps, the public sector as well as other relevant stakeholders and initiatives.