Evolution of RIS Innovations

About the project

The EIT Manufacturing Evolution of RIS innovations (EVO-R) programme supports activities undertaking innovative small-scale manufacturing solutions from the demonstration stage (TRL 7) through to market uptake (TRL 8-9). The grant is awarded to activities and/or individuals that were already selected and concluded under the regional or national funding programmes in the RIS countries that aim to scale up into European and global markets. 

Purpose of the project

The EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R programme aims to attract, select, and support teams/entities coming from EIT RIS eligible countries, to help them develop their idea and gain market access. 

Societal impact

The selected solutions will help solving current problems in manufacturing and eventually serve the prosperity of EU citizens.

Main results & insights

25 EVO-R projects selected to bring to the market new solutions.

Quote from the Activity Leader

I am personally proud to see how many great applications we have received for this competition. In 2021, we could select 24 excellent teams, out of which six teams are newly created start-ups. It is fantastic to see what this financial and in-kind support can create for the EVO-R Teams. I am cheering for all of our teams and do everything to support them further in finding other EIT Manufacturing opportunities!

Adam SEBESTYEN, RIS Operations Manager, EIT Manufacturing

It is very exciting to see the great interest in the second edition of the EVO-R programme. We are looking forward to contributing to the development and market uptake of the selected great solutions!

Katalin KOVACS, RIS Project Manager, EIT Manufacturing