Field Study Pedagogy

Field Study Pedagogy- [FISP]

The Field Study Pedagogy (FISP) project aims at designing a Teaching Factory methodology to deploy the training of engineering students on implementing innovation in manufacturing systems, at bachelor and master levels. Teaching Factory consists in enabling a collaboration between factories and students with the double objective of solving industrial problems and increasing the competencies of the students. The proposed training activity is a specific activity implementing the teaching factory approach. It puts a group of trainees and their knowledge in front of an engineering mission on a practical case within a specific company. From an analysis of the relevant literature, a survey on the different existing Teaching Factory practices at EIT Manufacturing academic partners and experiments carried on training programmes at G-INP and PoliTO, a new methodology will be deduced. FISP project will provide teachers, instructors and companies, students and professionals, with a guide to support its implementation


Leading organization

Grenoble INP