Human in the AI loop

Human in the AI loop – [HiAi]

The project “Human in the AI loop” is targeted to shopfloor personnel (e.g., machine operators) and managers (white-collar workers or shopfloor personnel with decision-making competency). Its main goal is to create needed competencies to implement and later collaborate with data-based artificial intelligence (DB-AI) systems. We define DB-AI systems as software agents that can automatically create knowledge from data (e.g., automatic machine failure classification) and provide (actionable) recommendations to humans or direct system control. In practical application, we experience a lack of competencies. Thus, the project intends to create competency-based learning material using deep knowledge of AI use-cases and the skills needed during different AI life-cycle phases as well as project management for the implementation process. Based on the theoretical knowledge we are developing a hands-on step-by-step guide that will help shopfloor managers with the implementation of their first AI use case in production. This will vastly lower the needed competency for the implementation.


Leading organization

TU Darmstadt