Hybrid production systems based on safe human-robot interactive cooperation

Hybrid production systems based on safe human-robot interactive cooperation- [RUBIC]

Manufacturing processes in Europe use human skills to produce high value products. However, the necessity of robotic and other mechatronic solutions to automate the production and minimize the human error is high. The proposed project aims at integrating the latest industrial robot systems for assembly operations with human capabilities, under a hybrid assembly station. In this way, robot’s strength, velocity, repeatability and precision is combined with human’s cognitive and manipulation capabilities, without compromising his/her safety. Based on past projects, such as FP7-ROBO-PARTNET, consortium aims to go beyond state of the art by combining multiple technologies, reaching higher TRLs (6-7), under a commercialized hybrid production cell, that contains the following:

  • Intuitive interfaces for safe human-robot cooperation
  • Collaborative robots with safety strategies and equipment allowing fenceless cells
  • Flexible integration & communication architecture


Leading organization

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Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, University of Patras (LMS)