LEADERS – Women Innovators in Manufacturing at EIT RIS

About the project

LEADERS – Women Innovators in Manufacturing at EIT RIS” is a competition that celebrates the women innovators behind the solutions addressing manufacturing-related challenges. 

The Prize is awarded to women innovators based in the EIT RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) eligible countries who have significantly impacted the innovation ecosystem by transforming ideas into new and advanced products and/or services to benefit people and planet.  

Purpose of the project

With this prize, EIT Manufacturing seeks to raise awareness of the need for more women innovators in manufacturing and create role models for girls and women everywhere. 

In addition, the RIS competition LEADERS aims to draw attention to women innovators from EIT RIS countries in the field of manufacturing, by, on the one hand, empowering them with pitch trainings to learn making themselves visible and attracting investors and, on the other hand, promoting the best innovators through EIT Manufacturing’s communication channels.  

Societal impact

This competition strives to highlight and empower women in manufacturing and therefore, creating role models and success stories for the younger generation of women and girls. Consequently, we hope to motivate more women and girls to innovate and lead.  

Main results & insights

  • Identification of best Women Innovators in Manufacturing from EIT RIS countries  
  • Provide pitch trainings to up to 60 eligible candidates. 
  • Provide visibility to the best 6 Women Innovators from EIT RIS and collect their success stories. 
  • Support best 3 Women Innovators from EIT RIS with prizes  
  • Motivate more female talents to innovate and lead 

Quote from the Activity Leader

The Call LEADERS is an excellent opportunity to highlight the success stories of women leading innovative projects and initiatives in EIT RIS countries. With this initiative, we hope not only to support women working in the manufacturing sector in EIT RIS countries, but also to help increase the inclusivity of the industry by giving visibility to role models who could inspire the future generation of female leaders.

Marta Molinero, RIS Collaboration Manager, EIT Manufacturing CLC South
Cristina Dans, RIS Collaboration Manager, EIT Manufacturing