Learning Factory in a Box II (LeaFox)

 The project Learning Factory in a Box, or LeaFox for short, aims to ignite the spark of curiosity for manufacturing in pupils. The image of the dirty and noisy factory is outdated.

The manufacturing sector is highly technological and characterised by constant innovation. It needs young talents who can find their way in a digitalised world and continue to innovate.

The continuation of the activity ‘LeaFox’ (started in 2020) will draw more attention to the topics of digitalisation and sustainable manufacturing. Pupils in the programme are encouraged to explore the possibilities and potentials of industry 4.0 with inexpensive and easy-to-use kits.

Activity leader

TU Braunschweig



Chalmers University of Technology

Festo Didactic

University College Dublin

TU Braunschweig

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