Leverage Abrasive Blasting by Robotic Intelligent Devices

Sandblasting or abrasive sanding is a generic term for the process of pickling, smoothing, warping or cleaning hard surfaces. The workforce is lacking in Europe for this painful activity, crucial to preserve production on our continent. In fact, current automated solutions are only economically viable for large volumes or large dimensions such as train coaches.

The LABROID (Leverage Abrasive Blasting by Robotics Intelligent Devices) project aims to implement a collaborative sandblasting robot to operate under the control of an operator through enhanced interactions. The cobot will be able to learn the sandblasting process and reproduce it on similar parts, thus minimizing the repetitive work for the human operator. The proposed approach has something in common with robotic surgical operations. The protected operator will maintain all the sensations of the work in progress thanks to a haptic handle and a 3D supervision of the sandblasting process.


Activity leader

University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland


  • Aerospline
  • EIT Manufacturing ASBL
  • Safran Helicopter Engine
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland