Manufacturing a healthy future (AM HealthyFuture)

European AM training programme and challenge for primary school teachers & pupils

AMHealthyFuture is an education programme focusing on Additive Manufacturing (AM),  targeting school children aged 8-10 years.

Why this project?

Additive Manufacturing leaders in Europe are facing difficulties in recruiting talents and re/up-skilling will not be sufficient to meet growing demand. The AMHealthyFuture consortium takes a long-term approach by targeting children at an early age, focusing on populations less represented in manufacturing, i.e. girls and people who grew up in socially disadvantaged areas.

What will be done? 

AMHealthyFuture will focus on teacher training for a scale-up effect – assuming that the trained teachers will educate larger cohorts of children over the years, and their knowledge will have a ripple effect across their schools. AMHealthyFuture will work to make children appreciate the relationship between manufacturing and people’s well-being by proposing a challenge programme whereby school children are invited to identify health challenges and then imagine Additive Manufacturing solutions to answer those challenges.

Lead Partner:


All partners involved:

  • Stryker (lead)
  • Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Tartu

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