Manufacturing Data Spaces (ManuDataSpa)

Data Sovereignty and industry-specific Data Spaces are important resources being considered in advanced discussions in many parts of the EU.

Using agile methodology as a guide, this project will continue and expand the lighthouse project started in 2020. It will carry on development of a demonstrator data space platform by building on the basic demo app for decarbonization/Scope 3 Emissions. Concrete attention will be paid to other EU Data Space activities to ensure fruitful collaboration. Through an outreach program and open calls, small Minimum Viable Product-applications will drive the requirements of the platform, define additional data models to be supported, and store initial data. The partners delivering this activity employ the unique possibilities of EIT Manufacturing to: cover a broad spectrum of ecosystem players; ensure consistency with other EU-wide activities; and use the Knowledge Triangle to combine business, research, and education.

ManuDataSpa and partners

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Aerospace Valley

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Festo Didactic

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Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, University of Patras (LMS)

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Jordan Janeczko