MARS Mobile Autonomous Robot for Safe sorting (dual-safety mode: safe mode in a human environment / full speed in a non-human environment)

For small postal and e-commerce applications, the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) dedicated to sorting applications allow increased flexibility and scale-up of logistic sorting centers.

Today there are two solutions on the market: 1) Collaborative sorting robots, running at low speed in the same areas as humans and allowing workers to load and pick objects from the robots; this solution is more flexible but offers lower performance. 2) Non-collaborative robots, running at high speed in restricted areas; these allow for greater performance but require a cage that limits wharehouse space utilization (eg. actual Fives GENI-Ant robots). This project aims at developing a new smart mobile robot, able to switch between the two modes.The new Dual-Safety Sorting Robots will offer the best of the two worlds by being totally safe to people while using high travelling speed in restricted areas to optimize the process efficiency.


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