Development of Intelligent Middleware to enable collaborative robots to make real-time decisions in manufacturing plants

Moma-Flex is proposing to implement an intelligent middleware to promote the adoption of mobile manipulators dedicated to logistic operations at manufacturing plants. This proposal stems from the fact that even today, in many sectors, there’s still a high percentage of workforce allocated to logistic activities. These are dull and repetitive tasks, with a high propensity for error occurrence, and no added value for the final product. The solution will be tested in 2 different use case scenarios from the Retail and HealthCare industries. It will contribute to increase the efficiency, decrease operation costs and allow the transfer of human operators to more added values tasks. It aims to advance in the integration of Mobile Manipulators including a perception system fully integrated with an intelligent middleware, providing real-time robot operation. Besides, human collaboration is achieved by interfacing the framework at any module and developing safety technology at all levels.



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