Molten salt regeneration for carbon capture and utilization

About the project

UP Catalyst led consortium is aiming to improve MSCC- ET technology by reusing the electrolytes by developing a high-temp press filtration and salt regeneration system.  

Purpose of the project

To make Up Catalyst technology more resource efficient. 

Societal impact

The consortium transforms heavy industry CO2 into sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite, a critical raw material in the EU, via Molten Salt Carbon Capture and Electrochemical Transformation process. The main benefit of this technology is to reduce the amount of CO2 that gets released at industry sites and produce highly valuable and in-demand sustainable materials that are used by battery/supercapacitor manufacturers for more sustainable products.  

Main results & insights

By developing a prototype for our production system, we can save on energy and electrolyte consumption. This makes Up Catalyst carbon material even more carbon negative.

Quote from the Activity Leader

Our cutting-edge technology unlocks the potential to transform MSCC-ET into a cost-effective and scalable solution. Witness the fusion of carbon capture and carbon nanomaterial synthesis, all in one groundbreaking innovation. 

Sander Trofimov, Up Catalyst, Production manager




UP Catalyst

Estonia, TALLINN, Associate Partner