Open Innovation Centre for the Industry of the future

Open Innovation Centre for the Industry of the future- [Open Manufacturing]

The goal of this project is to lead the transformation of existing manufacturing companies and IT providers in Europe (Gazelles and SMEs) by diversifying or renovating their businesses through innovative technology and business models. During 2020 we will set the basis by identifying the core challenges and business opportunities to be addressed, defining the transformation roadmaps for a first set of companies and matching their needs with the capabilities from technological partners. It is expected that more than 100 companies will be involved and 50 of them will receive intensive support. To create a European network, 7 leading research institutions and industrial partners have conformed a consortium to provide their support and expertise. As a result, a common framework to support companies will be developed and companies will have a solid network to deploy their transformation process across Europe.


Leading organization

Tecnalia Ventures