PHYGITAL – Plug and play production management tool transforming PHYsically organised data into a diGITAL format

About the project

Phygital is a software that makes it possible to monitor manufacturing without using a screen and without changing workers’ habits.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to develop a real-time monitoring manufacturing solution, with a low cost and quick set-up suitable for SME manufacturers.

Societal impact

Traditional manufacturing software is not easy for workers on the shopfloor to use. By removing the use of a screen and allowing workers to maintain their routine, we bring digital data with physical assets.

Main results & insights

Improving the manufacturing process without new constraints for the shopfloor workers.

Quote from the Activity Leader

By removing the screen on the shopfloor, Phygital provides a new way of following up production that’s easy to use and simple to setup. It has been designed by a manufacturer for manufacturers.

Xavier FELTIN, CEO, Komugi