PreMETS: Predictive Maintenance Education & Training System An alliance for boosting the European Innovation in Predictive Maintenance through entrepreneurial cooperation, education, and training.

Predictive Maintenance (PM) is regarded as a critical component in the optimisation of primary resources utilised within the economy and vital infrastructure systems, all while addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Currently, comprehensive PM curricula are conspicuously absent in industry, academia, and vocational education and training (VET).

The objectives of the PreMETS project involve the establishment of an alliance aimed at the enhancement of European Innovation in Predictive Maintenance through collaborative entrepreneurship, education, and training. The primary goal is to create a cohesive digital platform encompassing all facets of the PM process. Within this context, the general objectives of PreMETS, aligned with the call’s objectives, are as follows:


  • An innovative cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral PM education toolkit will be developed (compliant with ECTS and ECVET standards) for the training of more than 1,000 PM learners, including students and VET participants, during the project’s implementation.
  • Create an advanced toolkit tailored for PM trainers across various domains, including higher education, vocational education, and corporate training. This resource is anticipated to be adopted by more than 250 trainers during the project’s implementation.
  • Establish a micro-credential certification framework for PM-related micro-courses. This framework will enable at least 500 learners, encompassing students, VET participants, and the workforce, to receive certifications that formally recognize their acquired skills.
  • Develop a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary platform that integrates the PM education toolkit, the toolkit for PM trainers, the micro-credential certification system, an embedded lifecycle analysis process calculation service (which learners can utilise to assess various resilient PM strategies’ environmental, social, and economic impacts), and a virtual space designed for the deployment of blended Teaching Factories.
  • Pilot the training courses and the platform through innovative work-based learning, incorporating blended apprenticeship secondments. These initiatives will bring together a diverse group of learners from academia, VET, and industry, under the guidance of trainers and experts. They will have the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in cyber-physical industrial settings, facilitating hands-on experience and skill development.

PreMETS Partners:

Key Facts: PreMETS

  • It is an Erasmus project.
  • PreMETS lifespan is 36 months (01.07.2023 – 30.06.2023)
  • Certh is the project coordinator.
  • Total Budget: € 1,500,000