Prescriptive Production Assistant (IVE)

RaisQ (Raising ML-accuracy in assembly rework through improved data quality) is a 2021 continuation project to follow up the project of IVE (20089 PrescriptIVE Production Assistant). The aim is to further develop the Shopfloor Intelligence Assistant “SIA” to a level of marketability. The specific goal is to raise the ML-accuracy of SIA to bring prediction value to rework assembly lines. This is done by focusing on the data that is created within the rework process of assembly lines through design of user interfaces, guided assistants, and standardized inputs. Furthermore, TU Darmstadt will develop methods to raise data quality through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and clustering techniques customized for the automotive industry. SIA will be commercialised by SFM Systems. The partners Magna and MAN provide the use cases, the user feedback and experience needed to enhance SIA. This approach scales beyond the automotive sector and can be implemented in a variety of industries.

Lead Partner:

TU Darmstadt

Project consortium:

  • Magna
  • MAN Truck & Bus
  • SFM Systems
  • TU Darmstadt
  • Volkswagen

Project contact: