Flexible Remanufacturing Using AI and Advanced Robotics for Circular Value Chains in EU Industry – RENÉE

We are proud to announce that EIT Manufacturing South East is participating in the EU-funded RENÉE project. RENÉE envisions the implementation of flexible remanufacturing processes in the European industrial sector, utilizing advanced robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for circular value chains. The objective is to establish human-centric production systems capable of remanufacturing various states of used products. Furthermore, RENÉE seeks to accelerate workforce upskilling and reskilling through the deployment of a remanufacturing educational platform and operator support technologies. The project follows a holistic approach providing product, process, and resource-level tools to facilitate remanufacturing applications, including:  

  • Circular value chains configuration toolbox: This includes software solutions for diagnosing and classifying product states, methods for product “design for remanufacturability”, Digital Product Passport (DPP), and tools for configuring and planning remanufacturing value chains. 
  • Digital infrastructure for remanufacturing management including a) tools for planning and coordinating flexible remanufacturing systems, b) implementation of Digital Twins customized for the remanufacturing process, and c) tools facilitating product traceability and effective management of the remanufacturing supplier network. 
  • Robot skills & flexible production modules for remanufacturing: Facilitating resource-level autonomy in remanufacturing involves implementing specialized hybrid production with integrated advanced robotics. This includes deploying dedicated robot skills libraries, employing AI methods for decision support and process optimization. 
  • Upskilling/reskilling the workforce for remanufacturing: Assisting operators throughout remanufacturing activities through inclusive interfaces and providing the necessary infrastructure (educational platform) along with essential materials (courses) to train them to meet the requirements of diversified remanufacturing operations. 

The RENÉE modules will be validated in 4 pilots from the household appliances (refrigerators), robotics, and mobility (electrical motors and bikes) sectors. 

The main role of EIT Manufacturing South East is To lead Work Package 7 (WP7). This WP focuses on four primary tasks: exploitation, dissemination, networking activities, and a pathway towards standardization. WP7 aims to ensure the effective dissemination of project outcomes by project partners and to facilitate the utilization of technologies generated through research activities by the industry. 

Furthermore, EU workforce up-skilling and re-skilling is also an important aspect of RENÉE project along with the establishment of dedicated workshops and synergies with related project partners. 

The RENÉE project starts in January 2024 with a duration of 48 months.