Self-training using extended reality wearable technology

About the project

The training process of a manufacturing operator is usually long and complex, involving time, resources, and expert trainers. SELFEX offers a new approach that aims to improve training processes in manufacturing industries. 

By using wearable finger tracking gloves, trackers and XR devices, SELFEX allows a self-training procedure that provides a quantifiable degree of operator readiness to execute the work in line. This new approach can be implemented in many industrial fields, specially when dealing with task requiring high manual dexterity. 

Purpose of the project

Boost the solution for self-training using wearable finger-tracking gloves, trackers and AR, regarding: 

  • An improved estimation of similarity of executions, using AI algorithms. 
  • provide new functionalities using a VR device to improve the usability, and in general,
  • productizing the solution. 
  • validating the solution in two manufacturing environments. 
  • develop and run the business exploitation of the solution. 

Societal impact

SELFEX aims to reduce costs related with training processes and can contribute to retain and promote knowledge within the factory, thus ensuring its transfer and generational succession. 

Main results & insights

The main result is the development of the platform with a series of functionalities that allow a TRL 9 regarding software-based aspects, such as HMI, data management, documentation, among others. One important step is the usage of a cloud instance of the platform, as a complementary option to the local one. 

Quote from the Activity Leader

The objective of SELFEX is the development of digital training environments by providing technological tools to potential customers that enable the autonomous learning by operators of manual tasks requiring high manual dexterity. 

From this point of view, the platform developed throughout SELFEX project can be considered a viable solution to evaluate the potentiality of the use of this type of training processes environments. 

This investigation would represent a quite specific analysis but would pave the way to many considerations on how developed this kind of systems to improve the self-training procedure. 

Marcos Villar García, activity leader, CTAG




CTAG – Automotive Technology Center of Galicia

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