Supporting SMEs in their Industry 5.0 transition

About the project

In the current global situation, all companies, especially SMEs, must adapt and transform to enhance their competitive advantage.

Purpose of the project

SURE5.0 supports Aerospace & Defence, Mobility, Transport & Automotive, and Electronics SMEs from the EU to advance their digital transformation while becoming more human-centric, sustainable and resilient.

Societal impact

SURE5.0 will lay the groundwork for sustainable, robust and better-integrated ecosystems, with services and financial support that contributes to increasing the strategic autonomy of the EU.

Main results & insights

  • Increased awareness of Industry 5.0.
  • An assessment methodology to evaluate the Industry 5.0 transitions.
  • Enhanced adoption of advanced technologies by SMEs.
  • €2,650,000 in funding allocated to SMEs.

Quote from the Activity Leader

The adoption of advanced technologies by SMEs will boost the progress of further research and innovation activities that will contribute to European leadership as well as excellence.