Sustainable human-robot co-production for cargo bicycles (Robofiets)

This project is intended to provide sustainable workplaces within the European bike industry by investigating the potential of assistive technologies and human-robot co-production.

A new product for personalized cargo bike production can facilitate the reshoring of production from Asia to Europe. This project is intended to investigate, how robots and assistive technology can be used in order to facilitate this process and to offer inclusive and sustainable workplaces for all workers – especially elderly workers and people with disabilities.This proposal is a continuation of the 2020 granted innovation project “RoboFiets”. Due to budget cuts, in 2021 this project will focus on the introduction of COMAU exeskeletons within Accel’s bicycle factory.

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TU Delft

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Chalmers University of Technology

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Accell Group

TU Delft

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