Synthetic Dataset Generation for AI Applications in Manufacturing

About the project

SYNTHETICA retrofits current AI practices with the integration of synthetic datasets in computer vision driven manufacturing applications.

Purpose of the project

To respond to modern industry’s call for resilience, SYNTHETICA deploys an AI-driven synthetic data generation strategy – not only validating effectiveness in real-world computer vision applications but also making AI-assisted manufacturing applications more convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-implement.

Societal impact

SYNTHETICA’s deployment of synthetic data in AI-assisted manufacturing translates into savings of effort, material waste and energy, as  well as, a lower carbon footprint. In addition, daily involvement of employees with AI eliminates technology reluctance, builds operational experience and provides a stress-free working environment.

Main results & insights

SYNTHETICA develops a role-based platform offering:

  • Computer Vision algorithm training, validation and testing.
  • Operator’s User Interface, indicating the results of object detection testing and feature recognition.
  • Developer’s User Interface, for expanding the solution and generating custom data offering full scalability.

Quote from the Activity Leader

SYNTHETICA calls for AI trust and strives to establish Computer vision in modern factories with the use of synthetic data. With AI being more mature than ever, synthetic data are there to support it and reduce cost and time-consumption. The goal? No other than making manufacturing environments more agile and sustainable.

Kosmas Alexopoulos





Greece, ATHENS, Associate Partner


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