Teaching and Learning Nuggets for Interactive Robotics

Teaching and Learning Nuggets for Interactive Robotics- [UNICO]

UN.I.CO TeleNuggetsRobotics provides innovative educational content for the EIT Manufacturing’s Guided Learning Platform. Already existing, flexible, open-source robotics platforms are used to stimulate creativity and participation inside and outside the classroom setting.

UN.I.CO delivers hands-on, interactive experiences to encourage participation, cooperation and inclusion among students. It focuses especially on aiding teachers and trainers through companion teaching nuggets in order to apply new methodologies while delivering skills in key-areas such as STEM subjects, robotics, entrepreneurship skills and manufacturing. UN.I.CO also raises the awareness of the digital transformation in manufacturing and affects positively the industrial landscape, by attracting and developing tomorrow’s manufacturing talent. In a nutshell, UN.I.CO. delivers engaging learning and teaching journeys to help educators in linking disciplinary activities to the real world of manufacturing.


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