Supporting supplier transformation to composite (VACMT)

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The VACMT project facilitates the transformation of automotive transportation, from internal combustion engine to electrically powered vehicles. The project aims to support the transformation of existing SME’s, Tier 1 & Tier 2’s into volume automotive composite material suppliers.

VACMT2 (acitivity year 2021) is the extension of VACMT (activity year 2020). The service supports automotive manufacturing companies supplying vehicles components as they transfrom to manufacturing components for electrical vehicles.

Composites components hold the potential to support the transition towards a circular economy model, which is estimated to represent a $4.5 trillion global growth opportunity by 2030. Circularity is clearly a competitive advantage and market opportunity for the European industry. VACMT supports this transition by making available the knowledge and technology developed within high volume composites production towards SMEs and existing Tier 1& 2 suppliers.

Composite materials have a  greater flexibility in rerms of component design, flexibility in production, and weight. The reduction in the number of components required for EV compared to ICE vehicles offer challenges and new business opportunities and European manufacturers need to adapt. During this transformation, sustainable lightweight components with circular-economy-based business models need to be developed and privileged.

This service is about supporting this make the most of existing knowledge in the industry and combining this knowledge with new findings with regards to composite manufacturing technology and circular economy.


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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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