Transformation Practices & Poles – Scaling up Transformation

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There are multiple local / national business poles of excellence that are very successful in building and implementing transformation projects and are waiting to be scaled up. We need to connect those local / national poles of excellence across countries and scale them up to the European level.

We need to address business transformation in ways that consolidate, scale up, and drive synergy from the local level local to Europe. We need to integrate mature innovative solutions, addressing workforce training, financing and change management pain points. We provide financial support as an add-on to business support, allowing a combination of Access to Finance with operational business development support (in technology integration and production digitalisation). This program tragets local SMEs, business excellence poles and large corporations to drive transformation for manufacturing along specific industry value chains (Food & Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutics & Chemical), and along technology themes (AI, Industrial IoT, Robotics).

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