(flexy enhance) EITM digiTal Upskilling and ReskIlliNG programme

About the project

The TURING EIT Labelled Fellowship programme is a dynamic initiative poised to tackle the age-old issue of workforce displacement in the era of rapid technological advancement. This challenge looms large today, particularly for companies in the throes of digital transformation.

TURING seeks to make a difference by championing tailor-made and adaptable digital upskilling training programmes. We’ve teamed up with cutting-edge digital technology providers, forward-thinking companies that have embraced these innovations, and well-established industry leaders who’ve harnessed similar technologies. Together, we’re shaping the future of workforce readiness.

Purpose of the project

  • Offering personalised learning with final certification, including a formal cross-border internship programme that provides an individualised approach to support companies in improving their skills through personalised training programmes and internships.
  • Involving trainees (professionals) in defining the learning path, which is co-created in a joint exercise with the companies hosting the training programme, guaranteeing flexibility and personalisation of the programme.
  • Creating an appropriate practical and problem-solving learning environment that will upskill trainees from lagging SMEs, with the involvement of technology suppliers and mature technology adopters who will host the internships.
  • Offering a set of Co-creation Labs and internships to support concept development, prototyping, routine utilization of innovative technological solutions and also new business models and impacts on value chains.

Societal impact

The programme holds promise for wide-reaching societal impact, driven by its unique blend of personalised learning, cross-border internships and collaboration between trainees and companies. Potential societal benefits include:

Workforce Enrichment: The programme equips individuals with high-demand skills, enhancing employability and enabling adaptability in a rapidly evolving job market.

Global Workforce Agility: Cross-border internships offer international exposure, fostering a globally adaptable workforce, adept at diverse work cultures and practices.

SME Empowerment: Upskilling trainees from lagging SMEs enhances the competitiveness of smaller businesses, potentially stimulating local economic growth and job creation.

Technology Uptake: Partnering with technology suppliers and adopters facilitates the transfer of advanced tech and best practices, narrowing the digital divide and promoting cutting-edge tech adoption.

Innovation Hub: Co-creation Labs and internships foster entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of new business models, propelling economic growth and job opportunities.

Inclusive Learning: Emphasis on personalised learning accommodates diverse backgrounds, promoting workforce inclusivity and opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Knowledge Synergy: Collaboration in co-creating learning paths fosters knowledge exchange and industry-specific solutions, driving best practices and innovation.

Tailored Skills: Flexibility ensures trainees acquire skills aligned with industry needs, reducing skills gaps and enhancing labor market efficiency.

Measurable Outcomes: Practical learning yields measurable benefits, like increased productivity, reduced turnover, and innovation in products and services.

Cultural Exchange: Cross-border experiences cultivate cultural understanding and international collaboration, creating a globally aware and interconnected workforce.

In sum, this programme’s multifaceted approach has the potential to positively transform individuals and companies, fortifying society’s adaptability amid technological shifts and economic transformations.

Main results & insights

Over 30 people trained in the past two years, around 20 SMEs involved, and 5 big companies, distributed between 3 hubs: Portugal, Italy, and Estonia.

Quote from the Activity Leader

As the coordinator of the EIT Labelled Fellowship – TURING programme, I’m thrilled to lead a transformative initiative that empowers individuals and companies to thrive in the digital age through personalised upskilling and dynamic collaboration.

Gil Gonçalves, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto




Politecnico di Torino

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University of Tartu

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4iTec Lusitânia

Portugal, MANGUALDE, Associate Partner

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