eXtended Reality Learning

About the project

XR2Learn fosters XR tech adoption in training and education. It is a collaborative platform connecting experts, innovators, and digital tools and libraries for impactful learning apps.

Purpose of the project

XR2Learn accelerates XR app development for education/training, enhancing engagement, upskilling, and adapting to learners’ needs.

Societal impact

XR2Learn revolutionises education by democratising XR, empowering learners globally, bridging industries, and advancing lifelong training, upskilling and reskilling.

Main results & insights

Along with the enabling digital platform, XR2Learn will produce beacon apps for three distinct learning scenarios, that can be distributed through Skills.move.

Quote from the Activity Leader

XR2Learn offers a collaborative hub for XR app creators, educators, and learners, revolutionizing learning experiences through adaptive XR tech.

Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Associate Professor, CNIT – University “La Sapienza” Rome