eXtended Reality Learning

XR2Learn is a project funded by the Horizon Europe program whose aim is to combine human-machine interactions with real, mix, augmented and virtual environments, allowing for higher engagement with teaching material and more efficient interaction with complex problems or new environments.

Together with a pan-European consortium, EIT Manufacturing South is working to create XR2Learn, a platform aimed at establishing a cross-border innovation community for XR in learning, bringing XR technology providers, application designers, education experts, application developers, end-users and decision makers in direct access to communicate, collaborate and matchmake interests enabling also bottom up innovation creation.

XR2Learn will go beyond offering sound technical and business support for the creation of XR applications for education: it will provide access to authoring tools for development of applications through its platform, deliver tools for emotion/affect detection and for automated adaptation of the learning experience to the user needs and emotions, deliver guidance relevant to educational design and use case definition, provide opportunities for piloting and user testing mediated by the large networks brought by XR2Learn partners, promote tools that enable and boost the re-use and sharing of the learning materials/XR applications, offer business development support and additionally, support IPR management through NFTs enabling novel business model implementation.

XR2Learn will support innovators (ICT-SMEs) all the way from ideation to commercialisation offering them tailored business and technical support as well as direct funding through FSTPs.

The project was officially launched on 1 January 2023 and will last for three and a half years, with a total budget of € 7.59 Mio.

Alongside EIT Manufacturing CLC South, the consortium partners are:

  • Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (Italy),
  • F6S (Ireland),
  • Maggioli Spa (Italy)
  • Synelixis Lyseis Pliroforikis Automatismou & Tilepikoinonion Anonimi Etairia (Greece),
  • Light and Shadows (France),
  • Universiteit Maastricht (the Netherlands),
  • Hellenic Open University (Greece),
  • Vereniging van European Distance Teaching Universities (the Netherlands).