Zero defects manufacturing of Home Appliances bending workpieces

Zero defects manufacturing of Home Appliances bending workpieces- [OPTIBEND]

The aim of this activity is to bring a new SOLUTION to the bending machine to adapt itself to specified parameters and correct unexpected deviations. The SOLUTION is based in advance control strategies that collects process, quality and asses health data and by analyzing them in real-time is able to automatically increase system performance, workpiece quality and process robustness, assuring zero defect manufacturing. It will be comercialised by FAGOR ARRASATE. The role of WHR is to act as a validator to help to adapt the SOLUTION to the Home Appliances sector needs. Other markets such as AUTOMOTIVE and METAL ROLLING and PROCESSING, where FARR is involved, will contribute to scaling up the solution after the project. The bending station of fridge door manufacturing process states one of the most relevant lack of robustness because of the difficulty in controlling the elastic recovery of the material due to the mechanical characteristics and variations of thickness.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: FAGOR ARRASATE

Contact: Mikel Viguera (

Flagship: Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy